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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Week

The popular television network NBC has declared the week of November 15th “Green Week.” From environmental themed shows to public service announcements on how to be more sustainable, NBC spent last week trying to inform the public and make a difference. PSAs “The more you know” has long been the catchphrase for NBC’s public service announcements, but last week’s programming was peppered with many more announcements than usual. These announcements are in place to educate people on sustainable tips, ranging from using reusable shopping bags to conserving water. These announcements are made by actors from many of the different NBC shows. One interesting tactic that NBC has taken is to post the PSAs from this year’s Green Week online, as well as those from Green Weeks in 2008 and 2007. Check out their website to see all of these sustainable messages. Green Tips In addition to their on-air sustainability tips, offers a variety of insight on green living. While some of the information they offer overlaps with topics that The Green Connoisseur has already discussed, they have a very convenient short list of important green tips, such as shopping at a farmer’s market, which is always a great thing to review. Programming The commitment to a green theme was taken so seriously this year that most of the shows airing on NBC has sustainability related messages. The late-night commentary made green jokes while some sitcoms included their own “Green Week” within the show. Al Gore was involved and there was even a green wedding featured on a soap opera! This week is to be coupled with NBC’s commitment to green programming during Earth Week in April to offer two weeks worth of environmental commitment a year. While for us green connoisseurs, every week might be green week, NBC has used their great power to educate and encourage sustainable behavior for their viewers. Image credit: recycled PeRspective, NBC, GLiving

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