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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tips to Minimize Your Thanksgiving Waste

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Green Connoisseur!  As you're preparing to settle down to your holiday feast and spend time with family and friends, consider a few tips to make your Thanksgiving more eco-friendly and minimize your household's impact on the planet.
  • Break out the china: Resist the urge to use disposable plates and utensils this year.  Not only will real tableware and cloth napkins improve the ambience of your gathering, they will drastically reduce the amount of garbage your feast generates.  
  • Turn down the lights: Save electricity and continue setting the festive mood with candlelight dining.  Set the table with soy candles rather than overhead lighting.  Instead of football games and holiday parades, gather up the board games to keep everyone occupied until mealtime.
  • Recycle and compost: Scraps and containers that must be thrown away can get new use in the recycle and compost bins.  Other unused food scraps can feed your local wildlife.  Search for organizations in your community that can reuse excess grease and oils if your using a fryer this year.
  • Make the most of leftovers: Even with careful planning, you will probably have an abundance of food left over after everyone has their fill.  Make arrangements with local shelters to get rid of anything that won't be eaten by your family; pack up the rest in reusable containers and take advantage of some creative Thanksgiving leftover recipes.
What are you doing to minimize the impact of your holiday festivities this year?  Remember to share your ideas in the comments and have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving!
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