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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eco-Sportswear Goes Mainstream with the help of - Sarah Palin?

A recent Sarah Palin Newsweek cover generated quite a stir in the political and media world, as well as the eco fashion industry.  The cover shot was a photo of Palin by Runner's World Magazine and the publication notes that Newsweek did not have permission to use the image.  Former governor Palin found the photo selection degrading, sexist, and irrelevant, according to her Facebook updates regarding the coverage.
Perhaps the most surprised by the cover picture is eco-friendly clothing company, Icebreaker - the manufacturer of the sleek zippered top Sarah is wearing.  New Zealand based Icebreaker announced in a press release that they have  "been campaigning for consumers to switch from synthetic running tops made from oil" - unlike Palin's 'Drill, baby, drill' stance.  
Nevertheless, the company thinks  "it’s great (that) Ms. Palin has discovered the benefits of running in natural, sustainable Icebreaker merino, which doesn’t hold odor like synthetic running tops (made from oil)."
About Icebreaker
Icebreaker offers an alternative to synthetic, petroleum-based sportswear, producing a full line of natural merino wool clothing for men, women, and children.  The wool is ethically harvested from sheep farmers in the New Zealand mountains and each garment is all-natural.  
Unlike typical wool, merino fiber is soft, luxurious, and ideal for extreme outdoor conditions.  It insulates in cold weather, breathes in heat, is lightweight, and has natural odor-blocking qualities - the perfect material for active wear.  
The Icebreaker line includes everything from underwear and socks to eco-chic tops, bottoms, and jackets - all available in a range of colors.  And with Icebreaker's unique BaaCode tracking, you can meet the sheep that produced your garment.  The Baacode system provides detailed information about the farm where your fiber was sourced, allowing a look at the living conditions of the animals as well as the methods used to farm the wool.  
How to Buy Icebreaker Clothing
Icebreaker retailers are located across the nation, internationally, and online.  You can also shop directly from the Icebreaker website.  

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