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Friday, December 4, 2009

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring...

Being luxurious can sometimes mean that you are able to take that extra step towards sustainability and green living. While water has long been on the radar as an environmental concern, for most Americans, rain has barely been considered a solution. While we, the eco-conscious, will turn off the water while brushing our teeth, take shorter showers, and conserve water in the laundry process, we allow the rain that covers our homes and communities to go down the drain, serving little purpose other than perhaps a gentle car-wash. Attitudes towards rain water are changing, however, and an Australian company has created a chic product that makes rain harvesting easy. Inspiration Australia, as an island nation, is well aware of the threat of global warming. Australia recently suffered from 5 years of drought, which started the wheels turning for how to interact more sustainably with water. An average suburban home with a roof area of 1,000 square feet can capture about 600 gallons of water from only 1 inch of rain. Using tested methods, the company Aussie Rain Tanks figured out that you can divert the first batch of “dirty” rain, which collects the dirt and dust that inevitably settles on the roof. The rain after that point is clean and is filtered before being stored in a tank. Uses and Models The rain stored in the Aussie Rain Tanks is used exclusively to flush toilets through additionally plumbing to the house. Should the tank become empty, there is a back-up connection to the municipal water supply so no problems should arise. The Aussie Rain Tanks website concentrates mostly on water conservation in California, as it is the most populous state and has an unstable water supply. These tanks, however, can be used all throughout the United States. Their models range from the “tower” which can become a feature piece in your yard or garden, to the “under deck” which is completely hidden from sight. So, if you’re looking for a way to make a sizable environmental impact without a much of a hassle, consider getting a rain tank. You could become the trendsetter for your eco-chic neighborhood in water conservation and re-use! Image Credit:, Aussie Rain Tanks

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