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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eco-Friendly New Moon Stylish Look-Alikes

The whole world is in love with the Twilight Saga! Whether you're a 'twihard fan' or you can just appreciate a good story - one thing is for sure...those vampires are pretty stylish. If you want to mimic your favorite styles from the movies, why not do it in an eco-friendly way? Below, we've scoped out some green styles that could possibly be found in the home or closet of a Cullen or a Swan. Bella and Alice Winter Wear: In this screenshot, you see Bella and Alice chatting on the sofa, both wearing cute coats to stave off the cold. Mimic Alice's clean, cozy white coat with the women's BMP Bliss Down Jacket from Burton. The coat features eco-DryRide recycled polyester dobby and a waterproof, eco-friendly lamination and DWR coating. The great thing about this jacket is that it's reversible so you can easily switch between looks. (Pictured below left in white.) Bella's style can be more easily imitated with Patagonia's Women's Tres Parka in beige. It features a recycled polyester lining, adjustable snap-on hood, waterproof and windproof-but-breathable lining. (Pictured above right in beige.) Esme Party Wear: In this scene, it's Bella's birthday, and everyone's have a wonderful time before the whole 'papercut' thing. You can see Esme's beautiful purple ruffled dress, and can easily imitate it by going vintage.KissesfromAna's Etsy shop features a convincing Vintage Royal Purple Ruffle dress that is beautiful and very feminine. (Pictured below.) Buying vintage is eco-friendly because you're reusing the clothing and saving it from the trash bin rather than purchasing new clothing. Rosalie's Party Wear & Accessories: In this shot of Rosalie at Bella's birthday party, you can see her elegant black dress and bracelet. To get that gorgeous look with an eco-friendly twist, check out the 1930's black Velvet Long Dress from Posh Girl Vintage. It's a black silk velvet and tafetta perfect for a party! (Pictured below.) Get the same look of Rosalie's pretty bangle bracelet with this Strand for Something beaded bracelet. Created by artisans of the Tara Project, this fair trade bracelet can help provide educational opportunities for women in India and help fight against child labor. (Pictured below.) Bella's Rose Art: In Bella's room - as you can see in the scene below - there is a particularly charming piece of art on the wall behing her. It's the pretty rose just to the right of Charlie's head. Why not make your rose art as eco-friendly as possible with a recycled license plate rose from Michael Kalish. (Pictured below.) These are absolutely gorgeous, and they're created from old license plates destined for the trash pile. What a neat way to mimic Bella's style! Using these great eco-friendly look-alikes, you can mimic your favorite characters' styles and still be kind to the earth. The vampires would appreciate that - after all, they're vegetarians, aren't they? Photo Credits:,, KissesfromAna on Etsy, PoshGirlVintage,,,

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