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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Hip to be Warm

Keeping warm this winter is important to keep you and your family healthy and happy. Most conventional means of heating homes are ultimately through the burning of fossil fuels or wood, but heat doesn’t just come from turning up the thermostat or throwing a log on the fire any more. The cold of winter is just beginning and it’s not too late to invest in an eco-friendly and chic alternative to conventional heat. Check out an eco-fireplace to keep you warm and stylish for this and winters to come. Try the Zeta EcoSmart Fire brings us their award winning Zeta model. This stylish fireplace is made up of timber, leather, and stainless steel, with glass screens on either side of the fire. The Zeta, which is located on a secure swivel stainless steel base, acts almost as a space heater, portable and able to heat the area around it. It is available in four different exterior colors: Nero, Ranch Hide, Latte, and Ciocolatta. The flames for this chic fireplace are fueled by denatured ethanol, a renewable biofuel. Or Maybe the Fire Ribbon Another company, Spark Fires, created a beautiful fireplace known as the Fire Ribbon. This “versatile installation” fireplace does not require any ventilation, so can be installed in your home with ease. This fireplace is over 95% efficient and can run on either natural gas or propane. This stylish fireplace will be a welcome addition to any home this winter. Bringing the Heat with the Igloo If the Zeta and Fire Ribbon are too conventional for you, you will love the Igloo made by EcoSmart. The fireplace consists of a stainless steel bench with flames, suspended by glass. The Igloo is a visual and a practical gem, with flames that reflect off the glass to create a beautiful dancing effect. The Igloo, also running on denatured ethanol, is truly an eco-conscious luxury and a fashion forward way to heat your home. So when it comes to keeping warm this winter, invest in an environmentally friendly fireplace that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for function. Image Credit: EcoSmart,

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