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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Respecting the Earth through Jewelry

Keep this holiday season special and sustainable with Precious Earth’s Fine Jewelry. At Precious Earth, they believe in inside as well as outside beauty. Their pieces are made from recycled and renewed metals to limit the environmentally hazardous processes such as metal mining as well as preserve the limited natural resources. The diamonds that Precious Earth incorporates into their beautiful pieces are natural, social responsible, and high quality. Commitments In addition to the environmentally sustainable materials with which the jewelry is made, Precious Earth is devoted to empowering the people with whom they work. They work with the socially responsible Namibia Diamonds company, which supports workers in Namibia through education and fair wages. The Namibian workers are further empowered with more complex skills because the diamonds are cut and polished at the Namibian Diamond factory, thus keeping the labor local. Precious Earth is committed to both environmental and social sustainability. Engagement Rings The jewelry available from Precious Earth is incredibly beautiful. They offer an array of different types of jewelry, including many engagement rings. The holidays are a big time for proposals, so if this is on the horizon, be sure to check out Precious Earth’s incredible collection of engagement rings. This 18-karat white gold engagement ring is a wonderful example of the sophisticated and beautiful rings they have to offer. Silver Jewelry Precious Earth also creates incredibly complex and beautiful silver jewelry pieces. Check out their sterling silver zebra bangle inlayed with a single gem of environmentally friendly and conflict-free imperial dioside and featuring a “zebra stripe” design of raised silver. This bracelet is made of 100% recycled silver and contains the “little green gemstones” that are the signature of Precious Earth’s designs. In addition to the bangle, Precious Earth offers lovely matching zebra cuff links as well as matching rings. Other Great Ideas At Precious Earth, beautiful, sustainable jewelry is not just for woman. They have a “for men” section of their website, as well as a couture section which houses more elaborate designs. Check out this 18-karat World of Africa bracelet. It is beautifully hand carved with out of yellow gold and features 1.60 total carats of diamonds as well as their signature single diopside gem. So, for this holiday season or the next, think about giving the gift of sustainability and support with a beautiful piece from Precious Earth, whose tag line is, “sustainable luxury, transparent beauty.” Image Credit: Precious Earth

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