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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson's Greenheart Line Introduces New Options for Eco Cell Phones

Eco-friendly cell phone options continue to expand with more mobile manufacturers striving to eliminate the harmful carcinogens found in typical handsets.  We've already seen Samsung's efforts, with the super chic, solar powered Blue Earth and the bioplastic Reclaim on the Sprint network.
Sony Ericsson is making the mobile industry even greener with the latest additions to their eco-friendly Greenheart line of phones and accessories.  Joining the C901 camera phone and the recycled Naite, the Elm and Hazel promise users even more technology in a green package.  A noise shield Bluetooth kit, also made of recycled materials, is also a part of the Greenheart family.
About Greenheart
Sony Ericsson's Greenheart line strives to encompass everything an eco-friendly cell phone should be - great looking, feature packed, and planet safe.
  • Handsets give new life to water bottles and CDs rather than producing new plastic;
  • Locally sourced water-based paints lower VOCs and decrease CO2 emissions;
  • Harmful substances like PVC and Beryllium are completely eliminated;
  • Phone chargers are Energy Star compliant and feature an unplug reminder;
  • Small, lightweight packaging reduces transport emissions by at least 80%;
  • E-manuals, stored within the phones, saves about 13,000 trees;
Greenheart phones also come with eco-friendly applications, including WalkMate, EcoMate, and the Eco Calculator.  By 2011, Sony Ericsson plans to have all their products and accessories within the Greenheart line.
The Elm and the Hazel
Both of the latest Greenheart handsets feature fun and functional applications, including a camera, video and music player, and an innovative Widget Manager that allows convenient access to social networking applications like Twitter and Facebook.
The eco-friendly cell phones also boast Noise Shield and Clear Voice features to filter out background noise for a clearer, crisper call experience and Intelligent Volume Adaptation to further enhance call clarity.
Visit the Greenheart website for additional information.

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