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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 5 Vegan Christmas Gifts

Let's face it - holiday shopping can quickly go from festive to frustrating if you're not sure what to get the people on your list. We're down to the wire and you really need some great vegan gifts. Well, you're in luck - below are 5 great vegan Christmas gifts that your friends and family will really cherish! 1. Sterling Silver Vegan Heart Pendant Help your friend or family member proudly show off their care and concern with this silver vegan heart necklace. Handmade by artist Christy Robinson, this necklace is created from ethical sources and is sure to please. It will bring a smile to your vegan friend or family member's face - and they'll love showing it off to the world. 2. TerraSource Gourmet Vegan Chocolates TerraSource, based in Madison Wisconsin, creates rich chocolates free of animal products of any kind. They're made from fair trade and organic ingredients and you can choose from a wide variety of flavors - such as:
  • Balsamic Strawberry
  • Brandied Pear
  • Coconut Dream
  • Orange Ginger
  • Wild Mint
  • Pecan Praline
  • Blueberry Bliss
There are a ton of other flavors, and this is a gift that absolutely anyone would love. Delicious chocolates free of animal products - what's not to love? 3. Brown and Tan Stripe Knit Vegan Scarf (not pictured) This adorable scarf is not only a wonderful vegan fashion statement - it's a great way for your family member or friend to keep warm this holiday season. Created from animal free materials, this scarf is available from Alternative Outfitters, where you can choose a coordinating vegan hat to finish the gift! 4. Thames by Neuaura If you know the size, you're ready to order one of the most amazing holiday vegan gifts available this year. The vegan dress boot, available from Vegan Chic, is one of the greatest gifts you can buy. It's not only chic and super sleek, but it's free of animal products and can be worn with just about anything. From jeans to long skirts to holiday dresses, this boot is the vegan boot! 5. Defenders of Wildlife Animal Adoption Show your vegan family member or friend that you support their cruelty free lifestyle by adopting an animal for them. When you make a donation to help save wildlife, you receive an adorable plush animal, along with literature that you can give to your friend. It tells them all about your gift, which helps pass acts to protect animals, fight hunters and poachers, and educate the public. It's a lovely gift that any vegan would be thrilled to receive - and the animals will thank you. These 5 great gifts will help you fill out your list and choose something special for your vegan friends and family members!

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