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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Organic and Vegan Desserts

It's the holiday season, and nothing reflects the spirit more than delicious desserts - especially desserts that contain no animal products at all! There are a host of great shops that feature vegan, organic and fair trade desserts that are both mouth-watering and guilt-free. While it may be a bit late for holiday delivery, it's a perfect gift you can get anytime for yourself and the ones you love. Check out a few of the great shops below! Holy Chocolate, Batman! Ghalia Organic Desserts has a huge selection of organic chocolate desserts to choose from. Whether you want to purchase a delicious treat for a friend or grab some comfort foods for yourself - this is the place to go. The dairy free, egg free, Mexican chocolate cake looks absolutely divine and is made with whole wheat pastry flour and Dagoba semisweet chocolate. Other desserts that look inviting include the Dark Chocolate Coconut cake, the Upside Down Caramelized Banana Chocolate cake, and the Carrot Ginger cake. Baked to Perfection If you're a sucker for delicious baked brownies and cookies, you're in for a real treat. Sweet Debbie's has a great selection of baked goods. The only problem you'll have is deciding which ones to try first. You can get delicious flavors like oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip, and peanut butter chocolate chip. The gourmet dark chocolate peanut butter brownie is absolutely drool-worthy! Both the brownies and the cookies are made from spelt flour and are organic. Nectar of the Gods Anyone who knows me knows that coffee is my vice, and nothing better complements a couple of rich chocolates or a chewy brownie than a freshly-brewed cup of Joe. Luckily, Allison's Gourmet has that, too - and organic/fair trade teas. All of the coffees available from Allison's Gourmet are shade grown as well, to ensure wildlife habitat protection. From decaf vanilla nut coffee to rich, Aztec dark coffee, you can get your fix here - and look forward to more information on Allison's coming up on the Green Connoisseur main site. Make sure you check out the large selection of herbal teas and tea gift tins, as well. When you're looking for delicious vegan, organic and fair trade treats - keep these delicious organic bakeries and shops in mind. Photo Credits: Sweet Debbie's, Ghalia Organic Desserts, Allison's Gourmet

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