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Monday, December 21, 2009

Creative, Recycled Green Home Decor

We love to highlight our favorite eco-friendly furniture finds and the latest trends in green decorating here at the Green Connoisseur.  We've showcased amazing up-cycled eco art and even featured a few DIY green decor projects.  Today, we're adding to that collection with some of the most intriguing recycled home accessories we've encountered - from creative kitchen ware lighting to unique throw pillows you can make yourself!
Recycled Lights
Gilles Eichenbaum brings new life to otherwise worthless pots, pans, teapots, and utensils with his unique lighting creations.  The recycled lights lend a rustic, somewhat whimsical touch to interior decorating while rescuing old kitchenwares from a life in the landfill.
Unique Glass Art
TranSglass is a fair trade industry that supports Guatemalan craftsmen and creates one-of-a-kind eco-friendly art designs from discarded bottles.  Used beer and wine bottles are cut, sanded, and polished to become chic vases, candle holders, and tumblers for modern homes.  TranSglass products are available online, starting at 24. 
DIY Throw Pillows
Outdated fabrics don't have to spend their eternity in a trash pile.  Your old jackets, shirts, and skirts are ideal materials for creative throw pillows for any room of the house.  The great thing about this DIY recycled decor is that the pillows require very little skill or time to make.
Innovative Picture Frames
Old bicycle parts can be transformed into many different things, including amazing recycled jewelry and intriguing accent baskets.  This bike chain picture frame lends an active flair to your green decor.  Of course, there are plenty of DIY photo frame ideas if recycled chains aren't quite your style - check out these cardboard picture rings or try your hand at transforming an old keyboard into a chic, but geek frame.
Reclaimed Baskets
These eye-catching bowls are fashioned from vintage vinyl records.  Artist Christine Claringbold doesn't stop with bowls and baskets - her vinyl creations include bracelets, mirrors, clocks, and more.  Take a look at some of the other recycled home decor created by Etsy artists or visit Christine's recycled record collection.
Intriguing Games
Automotive scraps, spark plugs, and cogs enjoy new beauty when they land in the hands of Armando Ramirez.  The gorgeous chess set shown here is just one of Ramirez's fascinating works of art.  Nativity scenes, miniature locomotives, and an assortment of innovative sculptures are handcrafted by the artist using recycled metal.  The recycled art is available through NOVICA.  
Chopstick Art
Disposable chopsticks are the chosen materials for the unique eco art by Kwytza.  25 billion pairs of chopsticks are thrown away each year - consuming valuable trees for just a single meal.  With Kwytza, these utensils are rescued, sanitized, and transformed into awesome folding baskets, lamp tables, jewelry, and more.

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