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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4 Summer Eco-Friendly Must-Haves

Summer is upon us – the humidity is proof of that! It’s time to open up those windows, let in the warm breeze, sit outside in the sun and enjoy the beautiful Earth. This summer, there are 4 eco-friendly luxury must-haves that will help brighten your summer, keep you cool, or keep you looking amazing! 1. English Retreads Mini Purse This summer, whether you’re visiting the beach, a backyard barbecue, or your favorite cozy book store – you need an adorable eco-friendly bag. This mini purse is made from the recycled inner tubes of truck tires – and you would never believe it from the way it looks! It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s so versatile it can work with jeans, slacks, heels, or running shoes. The straps are also available in British Racing Green, English Toffee or Chrome – so you can get all three and match them up with your favorite summer apparel. The English Retreads Mini Purse is available here with a price tag of $85. 2. Gold Chandelier Earrings These glittering, elegant earrings are recycled from glass beer or wine bottles, and will make an eye-catching addition to your summer trinket box. Each earring has four individual, circular glass shapes that dangle and sparkle in the light. They’re elegant enough for a formal dinner party but can just as easily dress up a t-shirt and jeans. One of the greatest things about these earrings is that you can get them in seven different colors – including amber and lime! You can get them here for $112 a pair. 3. Mohop High Maple Wedge Platform Sandal If you love showing off your toes in sandals, you’re not alone. In fact, sandals are a must-have for summer, period. The Mohop High Maple Wedge Platform sandal is absolutely beautiful and the base is made from solid maple out of sustainably managed forests in Pennsylvania. The shoe is gorgeous, and each pair comes with 5 sets of ribbons that you choose! This makes it easy to wear this gorgeous sandal with all of your favorite summer outfits – from breezy and light dresses to capris and shorts. Don’t worry – if you want to get extra ribbons, they’re available from Mohop a la carte! The High Maple Wedge Platform sandals are available here for $148 a pair. 4. Pull Tab Bracelets Chunky bangle bracelets are definitely in style – just take a look at the wrists of any diva on the red carpet and you’ll see why! These pull tab bracelets are one of a kind, and are created by using the pull tabs from soda cans, although you’d never be able to tell without looking very closely! They’re soaked in vinegar and water and then polished to a high shine. They’re bound together with strips of scrap leather trashed by furniture makers, and the leather is available in purple, black, tan, chocolate, sand, and many other colors. These are great for any occasion and will allow you to make a fashion statement as well as an environmental statement! They’re available here for $20. You might even get inspired to create your own pull tab bracelets! With these 4 summer eco-friendly must-haves, you'll be dripping with luxury and environmental taste! Photos courtesy of sale sites for each product.

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