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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eco Friendly and Organic Diaper Cakes

Looking for an eco-friendly or organic baby shower gift that leaves an everlasting imprint in the minds of expecting mothers? A unique trend sweeping the celebrity scene and expanding creative baby shower gift giving involves stylish, eye-catching arrangements known as diaper cakes. Comprised of rolled up diapers and other festive trimmings that resemble a multi-layered wedding confection, diaper cakes are non-edible gestures filled with color and whimsy. From organic cloth diapers to luxury baby products, a variety of businesses make choosing a diaper cake that stays in line with eco-conscious values an easy task to achieve. While some businesses use eco-friendly products to decorate the center of the diaper cake, others conceal special trinkets and gifts inside – so when the expectant mother finally unwraps her work of art – a surprising treat is discovered. Keep in mind that the typical 3-tier diaper cake consists of around 50 small diapers. Available in small diaper 'cupcakes' (shown right) to elaborate 5-tier cakes, the following companies are just a sample of what to expect when searching for your next eco-friendly or organic baby shower gift: Diaper Cakewalk With Seventh Generation chlorine-free disposables and the luxurious reputation of Burt's Bees all-natural baby care products, Diaper Cakewalk constructs diaper cakes topped with an all-natural cotton critter. For example, a vegetable dye is used to color the stuffed animals. The typical eco-friendly diaper cake is comprised of 40 to 45 (size 1) diapers (accommodating infants up to 14 pounds). Diaper Cakewalk offers eco-friendly arrangements centered on their Blue Elephant, Neutral Giraffe, and Pink Lamp (shown at top). GrowinStyle Choose the Organic 2-Tier Green Polka Dot Diaper Cake to deliver an attractive gift for parents who aren’t sure if they're welcoming a baby boy or girl into their lives. About 25 to 30 eco-friendly diapers (size 1) are used in the creation of the diaper cake – decorated with high-quality ribbon and topped with Sophie the Giraffe –a natural BPA-free teether. The diaper cake comes with your choice of Nature BabyCare or Seventh Generation Diapers. GrowinStyle also makes an Organic Upscale Diaper Pound Cake and Cupcakes arrangement that gives the appearance of a custom "you shouldn't have" diaper cake order. This upscale selection includes 45 to 50 eco-friendly Nature BabyCare Diapers (size 1) and Weleda Baby Care Trial Size cream. Rattlecake Diaper Cakes The Eco-Friendly Trendy Turtle Diaper Cake provides a new mother with four tiers of Seventh Generation (size 1) diapers and organic baby products, including Carter's Organic Cotton Hooded Turtle Towel and Carter's Organic Cotton Turtle Onesie. Four Carter's Organic Cotton Washcloths decorate the outside of the cake alongside a Safety 1st comb, brush, and nail clippers. Accent ribbon and ingredient card round off the package. The smaller 2-tier Cuddly Honey Bear Diaper Cake supplies a plush teddy stuffed with recycled fibers and flanked by natural, Burt's Bees products. Image Credits: Diaper Cakewalk, Rattlecake, GrowinStyle

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