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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Eco Bag - The Shopping Solution for Reducing and Reusing

Reusable shopping bags are a must have for every eco-savvy consumer, but a normal family grocery trip isn't always easy with typical reusable totes.  Kristen Brown, founder of Green Waste Solutions, has created the answer - a convenient, easy to store system of 4 versatile shopping bags.
My Eco Bag System can replace 15 to 30 disposable bags with each use, eliminating about 700 bags per family from the waste stream each year.  Each bag is designed to be easy to lift and a breeze to carry, with the ability to hold as much as 40 pounds, making it an ideal system for both city and urban shoppers.
About the System
The 4-piece eco shopping solution nests together for easy storage, then fits perfectly within your shopping cart for convenient and timely checkout.  Every component to My Eco Bag System has a specific function at the store, perfectly organizing your weekly purchases and saving as much time at home as it does at the store.
  • The smallest bag, 13 by 8 by 15, features fabric bands to keep glass jars and bottles in place during transport.
  • A 14 by 9 by 15 bag boasts an insulated liner and zipper closure - ideal for cold foods and frozen items that need protection during longer drives.
  • The third bag, measuring 17 by 10 by 17, is designed with an easy to clean anti-bacterial liner to carry fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The largest bag, 18 by 11 by 17, holds boxes, cans, and the rest of your supplies while also providing storage for the entire system when the bags are not in use.
All the bags are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene 5 and are created to be a long lasting replacement to disposable paper and plastic.  Durable handles and roomy interiors are sure to make My Eco Bag System a favorite household staple.
Get Your Eco Bag System
My Eco Bag System, along with other chic reusable shopping bag models in the works, are available through the Grocery Bag Solution website.  The 4-bag system is just $29.95, plus a $4.95 shipping and handling fee.  
My Eco Satchel - an oversized everyday bag with plenty of compartments and pockets, as well as My Eco Tote - a stylish, triangular shaped bag, ideal for commuters, will both be available soon through the website.

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