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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ecco Ultra Lounge: First Green Nightclub in L.A.

If Mother Nature had to choose a place to let down her hair and kick up her heels, she'd probably head to Los Angeles, where the Ecco Ultra Lounge is known as the first eco-friendly certified nightlife venue in the United States. With energy-efficient LED lighting and delicious organic cocktails, the Ecco Lounge has taken great strides in providing an earth-friendly hot spot to dance the night away. Step inside the eco-club located on 1640 North Cahuenga Blvd and you may find Nicole Ritchie chatting it up with the Madden brothers or Hayden Panettiere shedding her 'Heroes' alter ego. With all of the environmentally conscious buzz the club has attracted over the past year, hopefully some of the Ecco's features will encourage other establishments to take a more green approach with their club venues. Ecco's Eco-Features The earth-friendly practices of Ecco take place even before some guests step inside the club. Partygoers that arrive in a Prius or any other energy-efficient vehicle can take care in knowing that their VIP treatment starts with free valet parking. Once inside, you’re greeted by one of the most talked-about features of the Ecco Ultra Lounge – the multi-hued, energy-efficient, state-of-the-art LED lighting system that sets the scene for a night filled with soy-cured organic salmon and infectious DJ-spun music. Before the night is out, hit the square dance floor located between the DJ booth and bar for an exhilarating sensation of being in the center of it all. Everything from the paint on the walls to the cemented floor takes the environment into consideration. Other eco-features of the Ecco Ultra Lounge include:
  • Appetizers and entrees made fresh with organic chicken from the farmer's market
  • Waterless urinal and energy efficient recycled steel air pressure toilets
  • The use of Paperless Solution to satisfy their reservations and ticketing needs
  • Power from LA Department of Water & Power's Green Power resources
  • Bathrooms outfitted with cutting-edge "Dyson Airblades" hand dryers
  • No air conditioning – just cold and heat insulation, which saves 20% of standard energy use
Thirsty? 'Amazing' and 'delicious' are just some of the ways guests of the Ecco Lounge have described their drinks of the night. Shots cost on the average of $10, while a trio of Budweisers may run you $26. Some guests have easily paid close to $100 for a handful of mixed drinks. While the club is known to provide a bevy of pricey beverages, the organic cocktails have been the talk of the town.
  • The "Drunken Watermelon Pop" offers a combination of fresh cubes of watermelon, vodka, vanilla beans, and a hint of Chambord.
  • Do your body and skin a favor and indulge in a healthy boost of the antioxidant-rich "Pomegranate and Brazilian Acai Berry Mojito."
  • Mixing 360 eco-friendly vodka, Moet Chandon, and acai juice, treat your taste buds to the "Sparkling Acai."
If you'd like to have your next birthday party, private or corporate event, movie premiere, or record release party at the Ecco Ultra Lounge, contact bookings @ Image Credit: Jim Pease (b)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so our promoter had been comminicating for a week with Ecco Lounge so that Thai Tv can come down and do a mini shoot there on a Saturday night. We were going to do a few interviews and promo the club, all was confirmed through e-mail. We got there early to set up in the patio. All was fine and dandy til bout 10ish when we found out that we had 15 people in line that they would not let in. We heard the Ecco employee say they only want "beautiful" people in the club. Not only that, but our promoter went to talk to the owner and i was told that they would not let our people in because it's too Asian. Really?!?! They told our crew we had to pack up, which we did, thinking we could stay but they said we had to leave and let us out through the back patio door into the alley.
I have never felt so low before in my life! Not only did we take the 15 people with us but there were another 30 that came that night. So Ecco turned away 50 customers because we were too Asian and not beautiful to fit their Eco friendly club!
This is 2009.... People still discriminate because of race in Los Angeles?

6/15/2009 12:08:00 PM  

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